Esco Club

Adventure Club


For the fishing hobbyist, Riau Islands can be an inspiration to test your fishing skills. Some one who likes fishing, almost all regions in the waters of Bintan is the ideal place to vent your hobby. Every year, the Bintan Regency hold a regular fishing festival. The recommended number of fishing sites are on the Berakit water, the surrounding islands of Trikora Beach, Island of Pangkil, Numbing, etc.

Mountain Climbing

Gunung Bintan is a one of the natural tourist destination spot in Bintan that can be visited if you want to travel to Bintan. Standing about 340 meter high, this mountain is known to have at least 40 species of fauna ranging from deer, monkeys, sun birds to swallow. This is very exciting for hiking, along the way, you can also take a close look at the same time tasting varieties of fruit trees like durian, banana, pineapple, papaya, rambutan, duku to jackfruit.


A couple of months ago, some Esco staff went to Lobam Anak Island, they explore the Island.

Religion Club

IMMESCO (Ikatan Muslimin Muslimat PT ESCO)

In Esco, we have an annual event to have breakfasting together. The event is conducted by IMMESCO (Ikatan Muslimin Muslimat PT ESCO). We started the event of having breakfasting together since 2008. What do we usually do on the event?

So usually we invite 10-15 orphans that live near to our factory to join us the breakfasting. We also give them some donations, Al-Quran, and school accessories such as bag, book, pen, and pencil to motivate them on studying. There is also Islamic lectures and praying together on this event.

Sports Club


Badminton is a racquet sport played by either two opposing players (singles) or two opposing pairs (doubles), who take positions on opposite halves of a rectangular court divided by a net. In Esco every week we play Badminton in Bintan Industrial Estate (BIE) sports Center.


Every Tuesday night Esco staff are playing tennis in Bintan Industrial Estate (BIE) sports Center.


Basketball is a sport hull game in groups consisting of two teams of each of the five people who compete with each other to score points by inserting the ball into the opponent’s basket. Esco staff are active basketball players in Bintan Industrial Estate (BIE) sports Center.


Is an optional extra activitiy as a means of developing futsal ability, Usually every Saturday, staff go to Tanjung Uban to play futsal.

Indoor Facilities in ESCO

4 After working hour, we can enjoy the indoor facilities on the Factory.