Esco Award

Pathfinder – Perpetual: Prihtiono – Maruly
Yearly Award:
  1. Lao Jiao
  2. Non-smoker
  3. Perintis
  4. Perfect Attendance
  5. 5S
  6. Semangat
  7. Senang Hati
  8. Lan Jiao


Award as an obedient and orderly company in the implementation of BPJS Ketenagakerjaan.


The 2nd winner of the Healthy Worker Gymnastics Competition in commemoration of the National K3 Day which is commemorated every year from 12 January to 12 February every year.


Award for being a company that already has an Occupational Safety and Health Supervisory Committee (P2K3) and implements work safety in the company well and provides reports to the Supervisor and Manpower Supervisor of the Manpower Office of the Riau Archipelago Province

Gymnastics Competition Behind the Scenes: