What do They Say

Staff transmigration to Bintan

“My work here is like climbing stairs at Esco there’s 18 level career grade, from the operator level until factory manager I ‘ve managed to climb 13 stairs in my 4 years working in Esco, and I’ve been rewarded as best staff last 2013 I’m starting as operator level, I have no degree from college, but I work with my quality and they (company) saw my effort I am here to say that Esco appreciate their give to employee. Bintan for me is the quiet peaceful island with diverse ethnic and culture I’m not originally from Bintan, actually this island is my escape place from love that was forced to me but then I found love here, the man of my life. My small family. I feel so blissful in this island & I have jobs that I do with love” – Inggit Octarina Dewi (Purchaser)

“I have got many challenges working in Esco, Especially since I work in New Product Development, We design and improve our product resulting good functional product. We love this small island, many beautiful and natural places need to be explored, beach, hill, swamp, animals and marine shows us this beautiful island” – Bekti Tri Sumaryati (Microbiologist)

“Working in Esco has given me a lot of new experiences and sharpening my skills, changing environments and policies during the years sometimes give difficulties but fortunately can be overcome quite well. Living in Bintan is peaceful there is not too much temptations like in big city. The air is still fresh and surely you will not experience any traffic Jam” – Ashari Sambodo (Engineer)

“Esco is unique company. I learned many things here. Many cultures have in Esco, since I work with many peoples with difference nationalism, Singaporean, Filipinos, Chinese and many more. And the thing that is very special are the bosses. Here, we work together, share the knowledge, laugh together. It’s so different with my 3 previous companies I’ve ever worked before. Bintan is the greatest place that I ever stayed, clean air, beautiful beaches, fishing trip, camping, hiking and many thing that we can do here.” – Joko Firmansyah (Engineer)

“Joy and sorrow have joined over 5 years of which can make new trends from different cultures, trained to be loyal to the company. Bintan is a small island which is safe and away from crowd and traffic jam.” – Joko Sutrisno(Engineer)