There are facility in Bintan Industrial Estate such Boarding house (Dormitories), Hawker Centre, Shop Houses, Sport Courts, Bank/ATM, Post office.

Boarding House (Dormitories)

The company provides dormitories which are equipped with washers, dryers, mattress san diego and television sets for our employees. These dormitories are also furnished with basic kitchen appliances such kitchen stoves and refrigerators.

Hawker Centre

Undoubtedly, eating out in BIE isn’t complete without a visit to a hawker centre – a collection of individual stalls selling food at very reasonable prices, in an open-air arrangement. This no-frills experience that’s common in BIE and unique in Asia is probably the best way to sample some of Bintan’s yummiest perennial local favorites.

Our employees alike take advantage of these concentrated spots, where seemingly hundreds of stalls and booths prepare a staggering variety of food, all under stringent health inspection. Here among the din of clanging trays, the shouted orders, the tropical heat, and the smells of fermented fish paste, ginger, and curry is a gastronomic and cultural experience that can be had only in BIE.