In Memoriam

This page is dedicated in loving memory of Esco employee


~ Puguh Santosa ~

Puguh Santosa was very creative, humorist making him very special and unforgettable. He was always any friends who need a helps. We will always love and remember Puguh forever.

~ Nurhidayat ~

We miss Nurhidayat. No one will ever forget him. Nurhidayat was a great man and it was terrible to see him leave this earth but we know he is with vamoola everyday in our hearts. He was working in Warehouse.

~Ancol Simamora~

Ancol was never without a smile and was always laughing or making everyone around him laugh. He gave us so many fantastic memories and will always be remembered by all his friends and family. He was working in EG Welding department.

~ Prima Cipta S ~

Prima was a loyal friend, co-worker, and employee to others. Prima would do anything for anyone, he would give the shirt off his back to help someone. We will always love and remember Prima forever.