Cultural Tourism

Dragon Boat Race

Dragon Boat Race is a sport with cultural nuance, which started since 1992. Dragon Boat Race is derived from a religious ritual tradition of Tionghoa people in Tanjungpinang, which has been going on since 1950s, called “Sembahyang Keselamatan Laut” or Sea Safety Prayers. To date, Dragon Boat race continues to be conducted and the City arranged to attract domestic and foreign tourists to the capital of Riau Islands Province.

Rice Fields in Bintan and Letung

Although it is not an area of rice producer, you can still find rice fields in Riau Islands. One of which is located in Bintan District and the other one is in Bukit Padi Village. In location, you can see closely how farmers grow rice, starting from the that location, you can also hunt for beautiful sceneries for your photography hobby.

Bintan Malay Sea Festival

Bintan Malay Sea Festival is a routine agenda of the District Tourism and Culture office of Bintan. In this festival, many competitions are hold by involving all kinds of traditional games are conducted, such as traditional boat competition, jong race (miniature of sailboat moved by wind), top competition, and traditional Malay dance performance. Check out


Mak Young is a traditional arts theater of Malay people which is still popular and frequently hold in Riau Islands and in international forums. In Riau Islands, Mak Yong is a play carried out by masked dancers and usually performed by professional groups of dancers and musicians that combine religious element, drama, dance, music, vocal, and simple script. The male and female protagonists are actually played by female dancers. Other characters in the play include comedians, gods, genies, royal administrator, and animals.

Royal Theater

Royal Puppet Show or Royal Theater is a traditional folk theater that exists in Riau Islands and Lingga Islands. This theater is a comedy about royal stories that combines music, drama and dance. The common stories played are stories about Hang Tuah Lima Bersaudara, Sultan Mahmud Mangkat Dijulang.

Places & Beaches

Bintan resort boasts pristine, white-powdery sand beaches fringed by gently swaying palms, clean marine waters and lush tropical greenery. Bask in the sun or enjoy a romantic sunset with a drink in hand. Visit the beautiful beaches in Bintan where clear waters, refreshing breeze and water sports centers awaits you. Go snorkeling around the rocky shorelines. Trips to further out locations for diving or snorkeling can be arranged by water sports operators. Year end wind and waves make Bintan ideal for wind surfing, kayaking and banana boat rides are the favorites and available at water sports centers.



Living much as their forefathers did, the quietly their days and years upon the waves of the surrounding seas.

Like a masterful painting brought to life, Busung’s stilted settlements offer sights that calm the heart and soothe the soul. A state of mind that is a daily experience for the local fishermen, who go about their lives with a slow but determined pace, ready to go gracefully receive whatever the sea bestows upon them. Even as the world outside rambles on in its own hectic way, life here sails on with its own tranquil rhythm that is as timeless as the waves.


Used to the influx of the new and the foreign since it became a center of political power some five centuries ago, Bintan continues to confidently mix the modern with the traditional.

Nowhere on the island of Bintan is the mix of the modern and the traditional more obvious than in Lobam, which has over a relatively short span of time opened itself up to become a thriving center of industry.

Large scale factories representing new-age industries like computer electronics now share the landscape with surrounding villages still steeped in Riau tradition. But the relationship is not an awkward one as of newly acquainted strangers, rather it takes the shape of a comfortable friendship between understanding neighbors who complement each other in a genuine symbiosis.

After all, who is to say the hum of modern machinery must of necessity jar the titillating notes of the gemilang?

Tanjung Uban

Like strange partners joined in the harmony of a well-choreographed dance, modern industry chugs on cheerfully to the relaxed beat of small town life.

The Lagoi Intergrated Tourism Regions

The Lagoi Integrated Tourism Regions which is included in the management of Bintan Resort is one of two leading international tourism in Bintan beside Bintan Agro Resort. Along the Lagoi beach, there is a world-class tourist attraction, known for its natural and beautiful scenery.




Sakera beach is hoped to be one of the tourism destinations as well. Since people living nearby, like in Lobam and Tanjung Uban often visit for recreational reasons in this place.
Sakera beach is a white sand beach, located at around 8 km from north of Tanjung Uban and around 2 km from Sebong Pereh. Sakera beach is a – 1 km long. Visitors can rent a place on this beach, whether it is for individual or group. On whether it is for reservation or camping or other events.


Trikora beach is one of the most popular tourist attractions on island of Bintan. The beach is across the three areas in the District of Gunung Bintan. The beach is across the three areas in the District of Gunung Bintan, located about 45 kilometers east of Tanjungpinang City. Its coastline stretches until 25 kilometers, the longest in the Riau Islands.

 Nikoi Island

Nikoi Island is a 15 hectare island in the eastern coast of Bintan that has a beautiful panorama. The island is surrounded by a white sandy beaches and natural colorful coral reefs. There is a five-star resort that is ready to provide top class service Indeed, Nikoi Island is a private island run by a private company which is professional in the field of tourism development. No wonder that since its establishment until now, Nikoi Island has appeared to be one  of the leading destinations in the District of Bintan.


Local Food & Shopping

Seafood is a specialty of the Riau Islands. Chinese style Indonesian cooking is also popular in Bintan. Try the traditional “kue lapis” (layered cake) an all time Indonesian favorites. Drop by for a spot of shopping and local food against a rustic kampung backdrop at Pasar Oleh Oleh. Or simply sit back and enjoy some local food and a nice icy Bintang beer to satisfy your food craving.

Local Food

“Bulu” Shells

Try not to miss this kind of food when you traveling to Bintan, especially for seafood enthusiast. Locals call it “bulu” shells. This kind of shells in other places, it has medium size, approximately 2.5 cm to 3 cm in diameter. The different is only on it skin surface which is mostly come in black hairy color.

A Cuttlefish Otak-otak

This typical food is very famous and much be looking for by tourists visiting the Bintan. If in elsewhere the “otak-otak” has a rough texture compare to the fish “otak-otak“. If eaten, feels elastic on the tongue but certainly delicious and tasty.

A fish Otak-otak

A fish otak-otak is very easy to find in Bintan. Almost every tourist area in Bintan has a special shop that sells these distinctive food. In fact, in many locations, the fish otak-otak sold outside of tourist areas such as markets, harbor or at a crowded places.

Ubi Tapai

The fermented cassava may be found everywhere in Indonesia. But the fermented cassava “made in” Bintan is classified as having a distinctive packaging. The tapai is wrapped in leaves of forest trees strung with palm leaves. It was sweet and the texture is smooth.


Souvenir Shops at BBT Ferry Terminal

In Bintan, this souvenir center located at BBT Ferry Terminal is quite famous. Its position, precisely along the right and left of the entrance of the ferry terminal. Very easy to grasp, because it is always crossed by the visitors in and out of the harbor area.

Pasar Oleh Oleh

The Pasar Oleh Oleh is a central of souvenir shops owned by Bintan Resort,  Lagoi. Its position is approximately one kilometer from the Bandar Bentan Telani (BBT) Ferry Terminal or ten minutes away by motorcycle or four wheel drive vehicles.

A Woven Pandanus

Looking for miscellaneous handicraft of woven pandanus, its very easy to find in Bintan. Its from varies from mats, bags, hats, placemats, napkins, coasters, trash, archive boxes, pencil boxes, etc.


Tour & Attractions

Explore the beautiful place in Bintan Island, give you experience that can’t find in another place. Set your adrenaline pumping and psyche up for a body workout with some attraction that available in Bintan Island, All Terrain Vehicle (ATV), Go-Kart, Power Paintball, Riding Elephant, and try some game at Adventure Training Center.

Bintan Tours

Explore the beautiful place in Bintan Island, give you experience that can’t find in another place.

Gunung Bintan Adventure Trek

Challenge the 340 metre high mountain of Gunung Bintan and enjoy breathtaking panoramic views from the summit. Trek through Bintan’s rainforest and see giant tree which are more than 40 metres tall. Catch a glimpse of rare animals such as the Silver Leaf monkey, Sun Birds, eagles and many more. Step under the waterfall to receive a shower of blessings according to local tradition.

Lagoi Park & Reservoir

By far, this is the largest reservoir on the island, spreading over an area of 14.7 square kilometers and holding some 6 million cubic meters of water. Visit the park especially to enjoy the serenity and peace amongst lush greenery and cool, refreshing breeze.


Mangrove Discovery Tour

Discover the diverse ecological wildlife that exists beneath the awe inspiring serenity of our mangrove forest. Keep a lookout for the elusive Purple Heron and the signature yellow and black banded mangrove snake.

Traditional Fishing Tour

Learn to fish the traditional way! Ride on an authentic sampan along the Sebung River. Cast the jala (fishing net) to trawl fishes. Entrap crabs and fishes with bubu (wire trap) and injab (bamboo trap).

Tanjung Pinang Free and Easy

Tanjung Pinang has various tourism objects, Domestic tourism, cultural art and its natural beauty, also many kind of traditional foods in Malay taste and the interesting customs from the Kings of Sultanate Malay.

 The Blue Lake

You would not believe if you do not prove yourself a phenomenon of water in the lakes located in the Village of Mount Kijang, Galang Batang, District of Gunung Kijang, Its clear water is not colored like most lakes, but a bright blue. When the sky above was overcast thick, its blue color looks clearer.

Salak Garden Jago

Your visit to Bintan seem not complete if you do not enjoy the typical Bintan fruits such as durian, pineapple, dragon fruit and salak. Particulary salak, if you want to taste and buy it straight from its tree, you can go to the village of Lancang Kuning, the North Bintan District.

Tracing the Rice Field in Bintan

It is difficult to find the rice field in Riau Islands, but its not like that if you visit Bintan, In this district, there are at least three areas that you can trace the rice fields Hughes Air Conditioning. Although it is not as wide as in Java, Sumatra, Sulawesi or Borneo, it is inevitable that the rice fields has become one of the important tourist destinations in Bintan, beside beach and marine tourism.

Mount Lengkuas Waterfall

Feel bored with coastal and marine tourism, if you travelling to Bintan, just try to point your visit with a climb of Mount Lengkuas Waterfall. Located right at the foot of Mount Lengkuas, this waterfall presents a natural and superb panorama. Although the water is not so much but this waterfall has a height of not less than 20 meters.

Bintan Attractions

Set your adrenaline pumping and psyche up for a body workout with some attraction that available in Bintan Island, All Terrain Vehicle (ATV), Go-Kart, Power Paintball, Riding Elephant, and try some game at Adventure Training Center.


Bintan Elephant Park

Home to seven Sumatran elephants, Bintan Elephant Park offers a wonderful interactive adventure! Take an elephant ride into the forest. Feed the elephants. Or simply sit back and enjoy our elephant show.

Go Kart Track

Strap on your helmet and step on it at our Go-Kart track! Race around the track with your friends and bring out the latent race drive in you!.

All Terrain Vehicles (ATV)

Set your adrenaline pumping and psyche up for a body workout with an ATV ride. Drive through our jungle trails specially designed with sharp bends and steep slopes for that heart-stopping ride. Or take the ATV for a wide ride freely along our white sandy beaches and feel the rush of wind against your face.

Focus Adventure Training Center

Game for something different that would give you more significant and lasting results? Discover highly impactful experience-based learning programmes! Training activities are diverse, ranging from thematic games, sea sport, tlematches to abstacle rope courses, click over here.

Power Paintball

A fun and exciting activity you must not miss! Test your tactical skills through an exciting game of Paintball. Strategies your own game jam-packed with actions.

Dolphin Lodge

Dolphin Lodge is a Dolphin Island Sanctuary just 35 mins my boat off Bintan Island. Watch the Bottlenose Dolphins display their natural talents and skills. Experience the thrill and joy of interacting with these friendly dolphins face-to-face.

Rifle Shooting & Archery

Do you love a competitive sport? Test your proficiency of accuracy and speed by trying the rifle shooting and archery.

Flying Fox

Want to scream so loud and enjoying the view around Bintan?

Flying fox is the best choice to fill your holiday here.

Horse Riding

Train your skill of riding, driving, steeple chasing or vaulting with horse by horse riding.

Heritage Tour

The tour covers the some highlights of Bintan Island’s southern most areas – Tanjung Pinang, Senggarang, The Maria Cave of Trikora, The Tomb of Bukit Batu Tour, Vihara Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva and Pulau Penyengat.

The Maria Cave of Trikora

The Maria cave is one of the worship place in Bintan which also often used as a tourist destination for those visiting the beach of Trikora. Located on a hill, the Maria cave occupies an area of 3.4 hectares and is only about four hundred yards from one of the beach in the corner of Trikora Beach.

Its exact location is in the Teluk Dalam, Malang Rapat Village, District of Mount Kijang. Not hard to find, because its position was right on the left side of Trikora Highway. Especially at the entrance of the property, there is a large gate stand more than three meters. It is easily seen from the street.

The Tomb of Bukit Batu

The Bukit Batu Tomb located at the foot of Gunung Bintan is since long time ago, known as one of the iconic historical site in Bintan. As well as the existence of the tomb elsewhere in Bintan, this tomb which is located a wall fenced to maintain its sustainability.

Senggarang Island

Senggarang is a tourist attraction place, it’s a pity to pass away while you are in Tanjung Pinang. This site is the settlement of ethnic Chinese who have been there for hundreds of years ago in Bintan. Until now, the people are friendly and still adhere to their ancestors as well as custom homes in the mediator or on the water, being offered by the unique characteristics of this object.

Vihara Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva

This is praying place for the Buddhist is located in Tanjung Pinang, called Vihara Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva. The monastery is built in 2010.  Vihara Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva has a unique feature compared to other monasteries. Vihara Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva has 1000 statues of Buddha. These statues are inspired by the purity of arhat in Buddhism. Historically, there are thousands of arhats in all over the world. Arhat is a person who has achieved the highest spiritual purity in following the teachings of Buddha.


Masjid Besar Baitul Makmur

The new mosque at Jalan Taman Sari in Tanjung Uban, perched on top of hill and behind the Warriors’ Mausoleum (Makam Pahlawan Dwikora), began construction around end 2006. Sitting on a site measuring some 17 hectares, the 4,566 square meters mosque, with a capacity to take in about 6,000 worshipers, is now there. Catering the spiritual needs of the increased population in Tanjung Uban, the mosque also hopes to establish itself as an Islamic Center that can attract pilgrims from within and outside the island. Built at a cost of about Rp 4 billion, the mosque conducted its first prayers on the morning of the first day of Ramadhan Day, which according to some reports, attracted about 4,000 worshipers.