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Bintan resort boasts pristine, white-powdery sand beaches fringed by gently swaying palms, clean marine waters and lush tropical greenery. Bask in the sun or enjoy a romantic sunset with a drink in hand. Visit the beautiful beaches in Bintan where clear waters, refreshing breeze and water sports centers awaits you. Go snorkeling around the rocky shorelines. Trips to further out locations for diving or snorkeling can be arranged by water sports operators. Year end wind and waves make Bintan ideal for wind surfing, kayaking and banana boat rides are the favorites and available at water sports centers.



Living much as their forefathers did, the quietly their days and years upon the waves of the surrounding seas.

Like a masterful painting brought to life, Busung’s stilted settlements offer sights that calm the heart and soothe the soul. A state of mind that is a daily experience for the local fishermen, who go about their lives with a slow but determined pace, ready to go gracefully receive whatever the sea bestows upon them. Even as the world outside rambles on in its own hectic way, life here sails on with its own tranquil rhythm that is as timeless as the waves.


Used to the influx of the new and the foreign since it became a center of political power some five centuries ago, Bintan continues to confidently mix the modern with the traditional.

Nowhere on the island of Bintan is the mix of the modern and the traditional more obvious than in Lobam, which has over a relatively short span of time opened itself up to become a thriving center of industry.

Large scale factories representing new-age industries like computer electronics now share the landscape with surrounding villages still steeped in Riau tradition. But the relationship is not an awkward one as of newly acquainted strangers, rather it takes the shape of a comfortable friendship between understanding neighbors who complement each other in a genuine symbiosis.

After all, who is to say the hum of modern machinery must of necessity jar the titillating notes of the gemilang?

Tanjung Uban

Like strange partners joined in the harmony of a well-choreographed dance, modern industry chugs on cheerfully to the relaxed beat of small town life.

The Lagoi Intergrated Tourism Regions

The Lagoi Integrated Tourism Regions which is included in the management of Bintan Resort is one of two leading international tourism in Bintan beside Bintan Agro Resort. Along the Lagoi beach, there is a world-class tourist attraction, known for its natural and beautiful scenery.



Sakera beach is hoped to be one of the tourism destinations as well. Since people living nearby, like in Lobam and Tanjung Uban often visit for recreational reasons in this place.

Sakera beach is a white sand beach, located at around 8 km from north of Tanjung Uban and around 2 km from Sebong Pereh. Sakera beach is a – 1 km long. Visitors can rent a place on this beach, whether it is for individual or group. On whether it is for reservation or camping or other events.


Trikora beach is one of the most popular tourist attractions on island of Bintan. The beach is across the three areas in the District of Gunung Bintan. The beach is across the three areas in the District of Gunung Bintan, located about 45 kilometers east of Tanjungpinang City. Its coastline stretches until 25 kilometers, the longest in the Riau Islands

Nikoi Island

Nikoi Island is a 15 hectare island in the eastern coast of Bintan that has a beautiful panorama. The island is surrounded by a white sandy beaches and natural colorful coral reefs. There is a five-star resort that is ready to provide top class service. Indeed, Nikoi Island is a private island run by a private company which is professional in the field of tourism development. No wonder that since its establishment until now, Nikoi Island has appeared to be one of the leading destinations in the District of Bintan.