Cultural Tourism

Dragon Boat Race

Dragon Boat Race is a sport with cultural nuance, which started since 1992. Dragon Boat Race is derived from a religious ritual tradition of Tionghoa people in Tanjungpinang, which has been going on since 1950s, called “Sembahyang Keselamatan Laut” or Sea Safety Prayers. To date, Dragon Boat race continues to be conducted and the City arranged to attract domestic and foreign tourists to the capital of Riau Islands Province.

Rice Fields in Bintan and Letung

Although it is not an area of rice producer, you can still find rice fields in Riau Islands. One of which is located in Bintan District and the other one is in Bukit Padi Village. In location, you can see closely how farmers grow rice, starting from the that location, you can also hunt for beautiful sceneries for your photography hobby.

Bintan Malay Sea Festival

Bintan Malay Sea Festival is a routine agenda of the District Tourism and Culture office of Bintan. In this festival, many competitions are hold by involving all kinds of traditional games are conducted, such as traditional boat competition, jong race (miniature of sailboat moved by wind), top competition, and traditional Malay dance performance.


Mak Young is a traditional arts theater of Malay people which is still popular and frequently hold in Riau Islands and in international forums. In Riau Islands, Mak Yong is a play carried out by masked dancers and usually performed by professional groups of dancers and musicians that combine religious element, drama, dance, music, vocal, and simple script. The male and female protagonists are actually played by female dancers. Other characters in the play include comedians, gods, genies, royal administrator, and animals.

Royal Theater

Royal Puppet Show or Royal Theater is a traditional folk theater that exists in Riau Islands and Lingga Islands. This theater is a comedy about royal stories that combines music, drama and dance. The common stories played are stories about Hang Tuah Lima Bersaudara, Sultan Mahmud Mangkat Dijulang.