Annual BIE Games 2015

Annual Game, Bintan, Indonesia – held annually to commemorate Indonesia’s independence day which falls in August. Annual Games  2015 was conducted for 6 weeks from September 5th until October 24th 2015.The participants of team sports representation factories located in Bintan Industrial Estate, Bintan, Indonesia. This sport tournament trophy gaining Annual Game Bintan. Volley, Basketball, Futsal, Sepak Takraw, Badminton and Soccer are the games that were conducted this year.

Esco as one of the companies in Bintan Industrial Estate, participates in this tournament. The team that represent of Esco were consist of various backgrounds in Esco, from R & D department, Marketing, and Production and also from staff until service levels. Everyone are hand in hand as a team to participate in this game. Esco team became the third winner on Volley, Futsal and Soccer. In spite of that, Esco was the champion on Sepak Takraw and Basketball.